About us

Quranforsoul is a non-profit, non-political, non-governmental Swiss foundation dedicated to the Noble Quran, the primary source of Muslim religion and culture. Its activity consists in publishing, printing and distributing the Holy Quran free of charge to everyone, in all languages.


Enable all humanity to have access to the Quran

Quranforsoul relies on technology and qualified personnel to achieve its objectives. The project is part of a desire for universality of the message, access to knowledge and free will; it is unique in its concept, implementation and effects.


The Quranforsoul Foundation has been registered on 12 March 2019 in Geneva, Switzerland under IDE no. CHE 959 250 582


Increase the donations to be invested and use the return investment to fund our objectives.

Our commitment

  1. Quranforsoul is committed to providing accurate and precise information to its donors and all other relevant actors, respecting donors' rights of confidentiality. Thus, the information we communicate corresponds to reality and reflects our policy and practices.
  2. Quranforsoul ensures effective management of donations and funds intended to finance its mission.
  3. We ensure that spending policies are aligned with our mission and non-profit purpose.
  4. We make sure that the origin of the funds is known. Donations that do not comply with legal and ethical requirements are not accepted.
  5. All bank accounts and financial and tax transactions are subject to the control (audit) of professional institutions and the federal supervisory authority, in accordance with Swiss law.
  6. Each donor receives an honorary certificate attesting to his or her contribution.

Definition: contribution

  1. Includes all types of donations such as grants, bequests and donations, in cash or otherwise, made by individuals, public or private organizations, and non-governmental institutions around the world.
  2. Contributions are considered as donations in the context of Muslim Waqf practice.
  3. Contributions are used for their intended purpose and become the property of the Foundation. Donors are not allowed to take back their contributions or benefit from the return on investments made with these contributions.
  4. The amount of contributions may be modified, in accordance with the policy established by the Foundation Board. The number of copies of the Quran produced with the contributions whose amount has been modified can also be changed.

Definition: contributor

A person who makes a donation, whether an individual, an institution or a private or public organization.

Definition: copy

A copy of the Holy Quran


The Quranforsoul Foundation has no other objective than to produce and distribute the Quran to communities upon their request , in accordance with the laws of the countries concerned and international best practices.

  1. The donor may make a single contribution or multiple contributions.
  2. Quranforsoul can receive donations of various types and in various forms, intended for the conduct of operations, development, or operating costs.
  3. All bank accounts and financial and tax transactions are subject to control (audit) by professional institutions, in accordance with Swiss law.
  4. For each contribution, the Foundation shall produce and distribute, as far as possible and to the extent of available means and income, a copy of the Holy Quran, 12 months after the beginning of the investment process.
  5. The investment process is carried out directly under the authority of the Foundation Board, or an approved third party under contract with Quranforsoul.
  6. The income generated by investments shall be mainly used for the production and distribution process. However, a portion of the income may be used to balance a possible deficit in the management and operating budgets, provided that this does not affect the commitment to donors.

All the answers to your questions

What distinguishes Quranforsoul's vision most is the fact that it is committed to a long- term programme. We work to ensure that every human being, regardless of language or belief, has a copy of the Quran in Arabic and with the translation that meets his/her needs.

Serving the Noble Qur'an is considered to be one of the most honourable actions there is.

Anas ibn Malik reports that the Prophet (peace be upon him) said: "There are seven actions whose benefits continue to be received by their author in his/her grave after his/her death, and (this applies to) anyone who teaches knowledge, flows a river, digs a well, plants a palm tree, builds a mosque, bequeaths a copy of the Quran, or leaves behind a child who asks forgiveness for his parents after their death". (Sahih Al-Jami`, hadith no. 3596)

  1. The current means of printing the Noble Quran free of charge are limited and mainly related to the efforts of States.
  2. The availability of the Noble Quran to non-Arab Muslims is limited.
  3. The demand for the Noble Quran is increasing from Muslims and non- Muslims alike.
  4. The world's population is constantly increasing.
  5. There is an urgent need for new translations (6,700 languages and dialects worldwide).
  6. The life span of printed books (3-5 years) is limited, hence the need for continuous reprinting.

Donation (Waqf), by definition, is characterized by continuity and consistency. However, certain conditions must be met in order for the donation to last as long as possible. Among these conditions:

The legal aspect: Quranforsoul ensures strict compliance with legal requirements.

The financial aspect: investment management is delegated to professionals in order to maintain the endowment fund and obtain sufficient returns. These professionals are subject to rigorous control to ensure that they fulfil their obligations in the interest of the project.

Quranforsoul is committed to printing and distributing a copy of the Holy Quran 12 months after the beginning of the investment process (a financial cycle).

All kinds of contributions are accepted, provided they serve the specific objectives of the project. These contributions, whether for fund shares or to improve management and operations, are welcome.

The project has the following multi-level control mechanism:

First level: the project only deals with companies that are subject to controls by the legal authorities in the countries in which they work.

Second level: As part of its functions, the Foundation Board monitors the performance of investment companies to ensure that they meet the acceptable quality criteria for the project.

Third level: the project has entered into a contractual agreement with an external auditor to audit the financial reports.

No, the project consists of printing and distributing copies of the Noble Quran and/or translating its content into several languages.

Currently, the project focuses on printing printed copies of the Noble Quran. However, it is possible to reproduce the Noble Quran on other media and computer means.

The issue of distribution is managed according to the needs identified on the basis of studies and consultations; it is therefore difficult to guide the distribution process according to the donor's requirements. However, in some cases where the number of shares is high and the identified territory covers a large region, specific distribution requirements will be possible.

The project has unique characteristics, including:

  1. "The share" refers to the smallest possible value for contributions that achieve a certain result. This means that for each "share", a Noble Quran will be printed and distributed each year, as far as possible and based on the results of the investments.
  2. The project has a flexible and innovative investment process, which ensures sufficient returns in the medium and long term.
  3. The project seeks to maintain continuity in its action in favor of the Noble Quran by complying with rigorous financial, administrative and technical criteria.

Yes, monthly deductions are accepted. our Articles of Association for more information .

The translation of the content of the Noble Quran must be done by people known for their specialization, competence and mastery. At Quranforsoul, we are always looking for the best of them, once they have been approved by specialised and competent Muslim bodies and authorities.

The distribution of published and printed copies is made according to the criteria of the need expressed by verified associative executives.