For each, access to the “Holy Quran” is a duty. For others, it is a right.

Millions of people, Muslims and others, wish to have a copy of the Holy Quran’s words translated into their first language. Every year, “Quranforsoul” carries out a program to translate and print thousands of copies of the Holy Quran, which are then distributed free of charge to people who are looking for it. Your contributions are considered as a donation in the context of the Muslim Waqf practice, which will be used to generate a steady income that we can utilize annually to produce and distribute more copies of the Holy Quran. Using the Waqf concept to build the endowment of the “Quranforsoul” foundation will give us a higher reward here, and in the life-after because we participated and applied the concept of on-going giving of sadaqa jariya (continual alms).

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This project is very important, it disseminates the book of God and makes it available to Humanity. English translation is particularly important. We thank you for this effort, may God reward you.
Dr. Abrar Ahmad
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In India, the love of the Holy Qur'an is limitless

April 01, 2019

Our journey to New Delhi in July 2018, to witness the distribution of the Holy Qur'an in schools, universities and Islamic centers, was almost similar to the stories of Sindbad and his marvelous travels in the wonderland.

Nepal: in the country of colors

March 01, 2019

The smile of a student who touches for the first time his copy of Holy Qur'an has no price. The happiness of an elder squeezing the Holy Quran against his chest deserves to be worked for this project.

Dostoïevski to his brother… Send me the Qur'an!

March 01, 2019

Great hearts always meet what they have made. It is important that you do not leave ignorance leads you, hatred blocks your way and make you blind, and intolerance overcomes your mind.

”Quranforsoul” is a non-profit Swiss foundation, whose objective is to give access to the Holy Quran to as many people as possible around the world through Waqf Islamic investment.

More than 6700 languages are spoken in the world. However, the Noble Quran is only translated in 60 languages and remains unaccessible to millions of persons in the world.


Imagine you never had your own copy of the Quran.

Every Muslim has the right to have a Quran in his mother tongue. We also believe it is important for non-Muslims to have access to this holy book. Each person must have the opportunity to discover for himself the message of peace of Islam, without the risk of mistranslation or misinterpretation that could deviate from the original meaning.

There are only 350 million copies of the Holy Quran, available in 60 languages. The challenge is immense, as only 20% of Muslims in the world speak and read Arabic as their first language, out of a total of 1.7 billion.


The total amount of donations collected by the Foundation is invested in projects that generate stable and sustainable income. These projects are conducted in a transparent and regulated manner.

Each year, the income generated by the investments is used to print the Holy Quran, as much as possible in different languages. The printed copies are then distributed free of charge worldwide to Muslim and non-Muslim communities interested in having them. Distribution is carried out exclusively through approved partner organisations and does not concern individual requests. Your contribution is not a simple donation limited in time. Each year it makes it possible to produce one or more copies of the Noble Quran, thanks to the annual income generated. Through your donation, you are making a concrete contribution to universal access to the Holy Quran.

With you, “Quranforsoul “ si starting a big project

By donating 200 USD,   200 USDyou make possible to print and distribute a copy of the Holy Quran
from year to year !

162’501 Copies of the Holy Quran out un out target of 1 million