« We Muslims on the Indian continent, i.e. in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, attach great importance to teaching our children the Holy Quran, whether we understand it or not. The majority language in India is the Indian language and then Urdu, which is spoken by Muslims. There is no difference between the two languages and we need the translation of the Holy Quran also in the Indian language. In India we have fourteen official languages, such as Mir Yala in the south of the country, also spoken by Indian Muslims. We are rewarded when the Holy Quran is recited, but its understanding is also important, and the effort to spread the Quran in local languages is very important. We have thousands of schools in India that need your effort. »

Professor Dr. Shafiq ur Rahman Nadwi

« We really need this project and I would like to remind you in this regard what a share in the Quranforsoul concept is: it is the blessing of sharing. And what a wonderful day it will be on Judgment Day, when God will ask us about the different actions we have done in addition to our prayers, fasting and almsgiving, to be able to answer "I have been the postman of the Book of Almighty God and I have distributed it all over the world in the form of a beautiful and light copy, suitable to be studied by people passionate about reading the Holy Book. »

Dr Nidal Alabbadi

« This blessed project, related to the printing and distribution of the noble Quran throughout the world, is an integral part of the transmission of the Quranic message and its fulfilment. Indeed, the same project was accomplished to perfection by our prophet [PBUH]. I ask Allah to fully reward the people who supervise this project and that it be beneficial to the nation and praise Allah. Muslims really need the Holy Quran, our Hindu brothers also need to understand the Quran. We thank you and value your effort which is useful for Muslims. »

Dr. Abdul Khadir, Institute of Arabic language, New Delhi India

« Translating the Quran to give access to it to non-Arabic-speaking peoples is crucial because it is part of our duty to transmit it. The Prophet, Peace, Salvation and Blessing be upon him said: "Convey (my teachings) to the people even if it were a single sentence". Also, how to transmit the Quran to a people if it is not translated into its own language »

Cheikh Abdallah bin Beyya

« Starting from the responsibility to preserve the Eternal Book that has been revealed in the Arabic language, it is necessary to cooperate and complement the efforts of all stakeholders, civil societies and States. This significant effort complements the King Fahd complex's effort to print the Holy Quran, as well as the Al-Azhar and Bahrain edition. »

H. E. Dr Mohamed Mokhtar Mohamed Al-Mahdi, President of the Religious Foundation in Egypt and member of the Supreme Committee of Al-Azhar scholars

« I congratulate Muslims on the inauguration of this pioneering project. Undoubtedly, the idea of the project is innovative. The actions in this project were carried out with the help of God and the good will of all those who participated and supervised it. I urge all Muslims to participate in this blessed project. »

H. E. Sheikh

« Quaranforsoul is a civic, voluntary and charitable project that aims to bring together the strengths and skills of civil society to support this project materially and morally. This project, as we see it today, is a dream come true. A functional, meaningful and significant project. »

Dr Abdullah Omar Nassif

« This project is a new experience in charitable work and a new example for Islamic work that aims to revive the role of religious investment [Waqf] and to materialize solidarity among members of societies while meeting their needs. »

Dr. Khaled

« This project is very important, it disseminates the book of God and makes it available to Humanity. English translation of the Holy Quran words is particularly important. We thank you for this effort, may God reward you. »

Dr. Abrar Ahmad, Department of Civil Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi India

« We are talking about a project that may in ten years' time be the largest religious project to serve the Holy Quran in the Muslim world. Islam is what brings us together, and the Quran is what contains God's guidance. »

H. E. Hamoud Elhatar

« Our full support for the activities of this project to enable all humanity to receive the fruits of the Noble Quran; I am honored to be one of the first participants of my country in this project. »

H. E. President Ahmed Sambi

« We hope, God willing, that this project will be the first organization of its kind in the world for the printing and distribution of the Holy Quran by 2020. »

The late Marshal Abdul Rahman Sewar Aldahab

« "Quranforsoul" is an innovative project in its objectives and ideas, as it ensures the distribution of the Holy Quran and the translation of its meanings. »

H. E. Dr. Professor Sami Abdelfattah Hilal, Dean of the Faculty of Quranic Studies at Azhar University

« We thank you and support your efforts. Our students are very happy to meet you and finally have their own copies of the Holy Quran. »

Sheikh Mohammed Asad, Shiekh ul Hadith, Jamia Qasmia Moradabad

« Thank you so very very much. May Allah bless you all. »

Monica Malik