«We sincerely hope that this communication finds you all in the best of health and spirit The Muslim judicial council (SA) MJC takes this opportunity to firstly acknowledge the Quranforsoul family who have dedicated their time, expertise and resources to ensure that the book of Allah reaches the homes of those who are less fortunate and those who have limited, or no access to a copy of the Holy Quran.We take this opportunity, on behalf of the Muslim community in Cape Town and the greeter South Africa to sincerely thank you for providing our communities, Muslim schools and institutions with copies of the Holy Quran, both in Arabic and English. As the MJC, we understand that the importance and value of your contribution and for this reason we pray that the Almighty grant you success in your current and future endeavours and that He continues to open the paths of goodness and prosperity to all of you as individuals as well as the Quranforsoul organization.-We pray that the Almighty strengthen the Quranforsoul initiative and allow it to be a powerful vehicle for propagating the beautiful religion of Islam .We thank you once again and pray that we can work together in the future for the benefit of Islam and the Muslim Ummah. Ameen.»

January 20, 2020 Muslim judicial council (SA)

«We Muslims on the Indian continent, i.e. in India, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka, attach great importance to teaching our children the Holy Quran, whether we understand it or not. The majority language in India is the Indian language and then Urdu, which is spoken by Muslims. There is no difference between the two languages and we need the translation of the Holy Quran also in the Indian language. In India we have fourteen official languages, such as Mir Yala in the south of the country, also spoken by Indian Muslims. We are rewarded when the Holy Quran is recited, but its understanding is also important, and the effort to spread the Quran in local languages is very important. We have thousands of schools in India that need your effort.»

February 01, 2020 Professor Dr. Shafiq ur Rahman Nadwi

«Alhamdulilah, all praise is due to Allah (swt) who has granted us the honour to be of those who learn and teach the Holy Quran. We at Dar al Quran Hanover Park (DQHP) hereby express our heartfelt appreciation to Qur’an for Soul (in partnership with Awqaf SA) for the distribution of the Qurans to our learners and within the community of Hanover Park. We pray that the Qurans delivered will bring light into the hearts and homes of its recipients, especially in an area where hardship is so rife, ameen. May Allah (swt) grant the organization to continue spreading the glorious word of Allah (swt) and may it serve as guidance to all, ameen.Yours in Islam, TM. Toughied Esau ,Principal»

February 05, 2020 M. Toughied Esau, Principal,Dar al Quran Hanover Park (DQHP)

«Assalamu AlaikumWe trust that this note finds you in the best of health Insha Allah.Jam “Eyyatul Qurra” would like to express its heartfelt thanks and gratitude to Quran for Soul for your admirable display of generosity. The gift of Quran, the Book of Allah, is one of the greatest presents to bestow upon a person.We, at JEQ, cannot articulate the impact that this gift has had on our institution as well as on our members and families.We pray that Allah bestows His blessings upon Quran for Soul and grant you Divine support to go from strength to strength Insha Allah.Jam “Eyyatul Qurra” truly values its partnership with Quran for Soul.May you remain Blessed Insha Allah Ameen!»

February 06, 2020 Sheikh Bassier Benjamin, CEO Jam “Eyyatul Qurra”, Sud Africa

«I hope this letter finds you and your families in the best of Islamic spirit. We are writing this letter to show our gratitude for the Quran distribution you had in our masjied. Allah Tabaraka Wata’ala reward you abundantly for your efforts and sacrifices.This project of Quran for soul was a great success in our community. It was unique in the sense that people from different countries attend our Masjied and they were all part of it. We thank Allah The Almighty for the positive impact it had on the community. Many people benefitted by this project.We make Du’aa that Allah put a lot of Barakah in all your future projects.Yours faithfully. Shaakier Vermeulen, Imam»

February 04, 2020 stellenbosch gujjatul islam jamaah; Sud Africa, Shaakier Vermeulen, Imam

« We the above mention center hereby take this opportunity to thank Quranforsoul in the distribution of the Qurans handed over the our various Madrassa (schools) in the location of Gugulenthu, Khayalitsha, Crossroads and not forgetting our Orphanage based in Philippi. It came at time where it was much needed . Due the financial constrains in our locations it was much beneficial to those who could not afford to purchase one. It has become part of their daily activities to practice reading the beautiful Quran. Thank you once again. Yours in Islam Mrs Zulfah Mintin Francis. Admin Department »

January 01, 2020 An-Nur educational Centre, Mrs Zulfah Mintin Francis

«We really need this project and I would like to remind you in this regard what a share in the Quranforsoul concept is: it is the blessing of sharing. And what a wonderful day it will be on Judgment Day, when God will ask us about the different actions we have done in addition to our prayers, fasting and almsgiving, to be able to answer "I have been the postman of the Book of Almighty God and I have distributed it all over the world in the form of a beautiful and light copy, suitable to be studied by people passionate about reading the Holy Book.»

February 01, 2020 Dr Nidal Alabbadi

«This blessed project, related to the printing and distribution of the noble Quran throughout the world, is an integral part of the transmission of the Quranic message and its fulfilment. Indeed, the same project was accomplished to perfection by our prophet [PBUH]. I ask Allah to fully reward the people who supervise this project and that it be beneficial to the nation and praise Allah. Muslims really need the Holy Quran, our Hindu brothers also need to understand the Quran. We thank you and value your effort which is useful for Muslims.»

February 01, 2020 Dr. Abdul Khadir, Institute of Arabic language, New Delhi India

«Your brothers in Daroul Iftaa in Davao present their deep thanks and respect to Quranforsoul Foundation which has given us 800 copies of the Holy Quran with an English translation, this through the Mercy Foundation in Davao / Philippine. Which had the nicest effect on our students enrolled in our schools; we pray to God to bless your action and accept your works.Moufti de Davao & President of the Ecoland Institut; Mohamed Youssef Bassijean»

October 16, 2020 Mohamed Youssif Bassijean, Moufti de DAVAO & Président de l'Institut ECOLAND

«This project is very important, it disseminates the book of God and makes it available to Humanity. English translation of the Holy Quran words is particularly important. We thank you for this effort, may God reward you.»

February 01, 2020 Dr. Abrar Ahmad, Department of Civil Engineering, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi India

«We are talking about a project that may in ten years' time be the largest religious project to serve the Holy Quran in the Muslim world. Islam is what brings us together, and the Quran is what contains God's guidance.»

January 01, 2020 H. E. Hamoud Elhatar

«"Quranforsoul" is an innovative project in its objectives and ideas, as it ensures the distribution of the Holy Quran and the translation of its meanings.»

February 01, 2020 H. E. Dr. Professor Sami Abdelfattah Hilal, Dean of the Faculty of Quranic Studies at Azhar University

«We thank you and support your efforts. Our students are very happy to meet you and finally have their own copies of the Holy Quran.»

February 01, 2020 Sheikh Mohammed Asad, Shiekh ul Hadith, Jamia Qasmia Moradabad

«Thank you so very very much. May Allah bless you all.»

September 11, 2019 Monica Malik