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What is the Qur'an?

March 01, 2019

The Qur'an is unparalleled. As Dr. Maurice Pocall defined it:

"The easiest way to define it is that it is the word of God Almighty, Creator of the universe and the Dominant of everything. The Qur'an has not been changed nor edited ever since the angel Jibril brought it down and revealed it to the heart of the last Prophet Mohammed, who is sent to the whole mankind. Jibril, the guardian angel of Revelation is the same angel who also descended to Abraham, Moses and Jesus. He is the Spirit who conveyed to Virgin Mary the gospel of the great birth of Jesus, who in return, prophesied about the coming of Mohammed."

The English thinker Thomas Carlyle addresses people by saying that "when you have a through reading about Qur'an for one time, you will clearly see the special features it has…beauty of the Qur'an is different from other literary works…one of the most important privacy of the Qur'an is that it did not get distorted…my view is that the Qur'an, from start to end, is full of truths and fairness…The Prophet (peace be upon him) delivered its message without any error.

The thinker Dr. Johnson tried to define the Quran, so he asked, "Is it a poetry?" No, but the difficulty lies in the distinction between Qur'an and poetry. It surpasses the level of poetry. It is not a history or pieces of advice as Jesus' advice on the mountain, nor is it a statement of the wise Buddha or a book of logic and philosophy – it is purely the word of God."

Maorth, the translator of the meanings of the Holy Qur'an, made a definition in his interesting way by asking: "what is the Qur'an? Miracle in its eloquence. The pride of the Islam religion in its miraculous, complete and most comprehensive style. It is the best one amongst the heavenly books. It the Kindness and Generosity of God Almighty to mankind. If we look at the Qur'an, we will find it outweighing the highest statements of Greek philosophy, with the all the praises and appreciations to the Creator, showing His great ability and attributes. The Qur'an is an inspirational reference to writers, eloquent and linguists interested in science or poetry. It is an inclusive source for all sciences and jurisprudences and the voice of truth that came from the land of Hijaz and from the Hira Cave to save the humanity.

The priest, Rudol, sensed the impacts of the Qur'an on human soul and understood that this was not the result of philosophy or human wisdom; instead, it is the merciful revelation of God. Rudol said: "after the radical change that the Qur'an had brought to the Arab Bedouins, for example, the exclusion of worshipping idols, the jinn and stars. The Qur'an, further, has shifted their belief to the true monotheism and banned people from habits such as female infanticide."

Moreover, the Qur'an magnifies the Almighty Creator of the universe and by means of a brief summary, that is, full of facts written with eloquence in an unparallel way. Accordingly, Christian societies were inspired in different places of the world like Baghdad, Cordoba, Delhi, and Europe.

Yes, enough is to read the Qur'an in order to open a direct communication with God, to learn what you cannot learn in any other book, and to heal what no doctor can cure from the diseases of the soul and self-esteem and so. Therefore, the Qur'an is suitable for all, Muslims and non-Muslims, it is the refuge of all and gives people tranquility, peace, progress and greatness etc.

Corsel, one of the great thinkers who translated the meanings of Qur'an concluded that "the Holy Qur'an is a Divine miracle, not a human being, a miracle that is not like any miracle. It is sufficient that it was revealed from God. " This claim was supported by the English writer Marmadoki Bichelal, who said that Qur'an establishes morality, so we cannot deny it, and the Prophet conveyed such a message very well. Whoever wants to become close to God Almighty, he or she must go to the Qur'an… it describes the rights of the Almighty Creator and the rights of creation."

Many nations have understood the Holy Qur'an and its greatness. Based on its lights, science was built, civilizations, cities, and books were developed. "The cities between the Ganges and the Atlantic have learned that the Qur'an is a way of life – not possible to live without it," Edward Gibbon, an English historian, acknowledged it. The Qur'an is considered the greatest evidence of the unity of God Almighty. Individuals of good rational and reasoning recognize that it is the truth that cannot be overlooked – in fact, Islam is superior than what we think today." (Reference made to Qur'an, Chapter 14 verses 1-5).