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QuranForSoul Foundation Honored by Ezzeitouna University for its Commitment to the Holy Quran, Upholding the University's Illustrious Tradition

October 01, 2023

QuranForSoul Foundation was honored by the Tunisian University Ezzeitouna

We are proud and grateful to announce that on October 16th, the QuranForSoul Foundation was honored by the Tunisian University Ezzeitouna of Islamic Sciences for its unwavering commitment to serving the Holy Quran. The university awarded our Foundation the prestigious Service of the Holy Book Award in recognition of our continuous efforts in printing, translating, and distributing the Holy Quran worldwide.This remarkable accolade was presented to the Executive Director of the QuranForSoul Foundation by the University's Dean, Dr. Abdellatif Bouziuzi. Dr. Bouziuzi expressed his admiration and appreciation for the Foundation's outstanding quality of service in disseminating and preserving the Holy Quran on a global scale.This prestigious recognition follows in the footsteps of a long history of knowledge and dedication to Islamic scholarship embodied by Ez-Zitouna University. Founded in 734 A.H. by Oubeidullah Ibn Al-Habhab, the Grand Mosque Ez-Zitouna transcends being just a place of worship; it stands as an intellectual, cultural, and scientific beacon.Ez-Zitouna University has been a cornerstone of Islamic sciences education since 737 A.H., representing the oldest continuous educational institution in the Arab-Islamic world, providing uninterrupted education for nearly thirteen centuries. It has hosted eminent scholars such as Abderrahmane Ibn Khaldoun, highlighting its preeminent role in the Islamic Maghreb during the 14th and 15th centuries.Despite facing periods of educational reform, this institution has maintained its educational tradition while adapting to changes. Regulatory reforms, responding to national demands, have opened new vistas while preserving the core essence of this legendary institution.The distinction conferred by Ez-Zitouna University upon the QuranForSoul Foundation emphasizes the joint efforts to preserve and promote the richness of the Holy Quran, aligning with the values and exceptional contribution of this university to Islamic scholarship.This recognition strengthens our commitment to perpetuate the mission of the QuranForSoul Foundation, aiming to expand access to the Holy Quran through initiatives such as the printing of authentic copies, accurate translations in multiple languages - including the forthcoming French edition in 2024 - and equitable distribution for all seeking to study, contemplate, and connect with the sacred teachings of the Quran.Together, in reverence of tradition and with an embrace of innovation, we continue our collective pursuit for knowledge, guided by the light of Ez-Zitouna University and its illustrious past. This honor inspires us to redouble our efforts to preserve and promote the richness of the Holy Quran in the modern world.