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Discover our 2021 activity report in colors and diagrams

April 07, 2022

In 2021, despite the health crisis, QURANFORSOUL has found an efficient solution in its international distribution program, thanks to the support of local associations. 165'000 copies of the Holy Quran have been distributed in six countries: Guinea Conakry, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Nepal, Australia, New Zealand. You will find in the 2021 report the distribution points by country and the number of copies distributed.

We would like to point out that several of our partners have reserved a certain number of copies to be distributed during the month of Ramadan, in two weeks. This holy month encourages a return to the Holy Book and the recitation of its verses. While attending their mosque, the faithful will have the pleasant surprise of being able to take their copy home with them, and not just consult it on the spot, as is usually done because of lack of copies.

We therefore continue to meet the demand of Muslim communities in all countries for the Holy Qur'an. The distributions remain free of charge and are financed by the Waqf on which the Foundation is based and which is fed by your donations.
QURANFORSOUL has no proselytizing vocation and does not advocate any doctrine or interpretation of the sacred text, although any contribution - even indirect - to the awakening of Islam is in itself a blessing; the aim of the Foundation is to give access to the Word of God, without any dogmatic vision and without any other aim than that of supporting the new generations in the learning of Islam, especially the most vulnerable communities. Your participation in this noble quest honors us and makes your donation a continuous contribution and a source of unlimited rewards.