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Kenyan islam is thirsty for the noble Qur'an

April 14, 2021

Between December 2020 and January 2021, QURANFORSOUL successfully distributed 218,000 copies of the Noble Quran in many provinces of the country. The success of this local operation is due to our local partner, Al-Muntada Association for Kenyan Development. We would like to express our warmest thanks to them.

Kenya, also a land of IslamAlthough Islam is a minority in the country, with 11% of the population, it concerns over 4 million people. Muslim traders arrived on the Swahili coast as early as the 8th century and led to its development over several centuries. Today, it is a strong community, spread throughout the country. Al-Muntada Association for Kenyan Development has distributed in most regions: - Sahel region: 17,216 copies- Nairobi County: 20,096 copies- Western Province: 5,120 copies.- Rift Valley Province: 3,200.- Ninza Territory : 3200 ex.- Eastern Province : 4800 ex.- Central Region : 3200 ex.- North-Eastern Region : 16 155 ex. QURANFORSOUL is aimed at religious institutions, on request. In Kenya, a wide range of institutions have been selected for distribution, including public figures: - Educational institutions (schools and universities)- Mosques- Public libraries- Courts and judicial authorities - Public figures- Main institutions of the Muslim community- Prisons Muslims need your helpIt is important to remember that owning a copy of the Noble Qur'an may seem like a matter of course, but for many countries and their communities it is still a privilege. With your donations, you support our work, which is part of the Waqf. Visit our website to learn more about QURANFORSOUL! Make a donation